Emma is angry. She’s angry at her siblings,
who she always has to baby sit; her parents, who are divorcing and
ruining her life in the process; and herself for not measuring up to
anyone’s standards.

With her simmering feelings ready to spill
over at any time, Emma’s self-worth plummets. Her faith in God is tested
in the face of overwhelming hurt that threatens to send her over the
edge. Can she turn back in time?

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About The Author

Laura Smith graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Upon graduation, she moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in corporate real estate. After the birth of her first child, she had an epiphany to follow her lifelong dream of writing. She is realizing this dream as the author of Skinny, Hot, and Angry. Smith has returned to her college town, where she lives happily ever after with her husband and four children.

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