Annie Beiler’s struggled
ever since the man she was promised to “jumped the fence” and left the
Amish of Seymour. And she’s also struggling to regain the trust of the school board
members and the parents of her pupils for taking her class on an
unauthorized field trip to a Civil War battlefield. One wrong step could cost her the position permanently.

Josh Esh of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, moved to Missouri
ostensibly as part of the man swap meant to bring new blood into the
community. Annie Beiler caught his attention the moment he arrived in
Seymour, but she’s promised to
another man; Luke, who left the Amish but vowed to return one day and
claim “his” Annie.

When Luke returns, Annie pushes him away, and Josh comes to her
rescue. But Josh is staying with
Luke’s family. An awareness of each other’s attraction to Annie causes
the awkwardness to escalate, and Annie’s father soon invites Josh to
stay with his family. But not all of the Beilers are happy about this
new arrangement.

Soon, a buggy accident ends in a shotgun
wedding …