Eighteen-year-old Grace Knutson loves Blessing, North Dakota, and sees
no reason to leave. She’s more serious-minded than her twin sister,
Sophie, and very sensitive to the feelings of others. In spite of her
family’s disapproval, Grace has always had a soft spot in her heart for
Toby Valders, for she’s seen the vulnerable side he keeps well hidden.

Jonathan Gould, the handsome scion of a wealthy New York family, creates
a flurry of anticipation and speculation when he arrives in Blessing.
Jonathan’s father wants him to learn the value of manual labor and to
appreciate the accomplishments of those not born to wealth.
Surprisingly, the “city boy” takes to farm life and actually enjoys
working from dawn to dusk alongside the others. Soon he finds himself
inexplicably drawn to gentle, courageous Grace. But Jonathan’s affection
presents an agonizing dilemma for Grace. Is he truly the one her heart