Amethyst Colleen O’Shaunasy travels west to find her father’s heir. But when she discovers Joel in Dakotah Territory, she uncovers shocking news. How will she tell her overbearing father? And how will he react when he learns she’s not coming home?

Major Jeremiah McHenry has retired from the army and returns to Dakotah Territory to make a new life. Amethyst is touched by his kind and gentlemanly manner, and soon he’s captured her heart. But does he see her as merely a servant rather than a prospective bride?

Jacob Chandler is counting the days until he is able to court Opal Torvald. Can he prove to her that she will make a fine preacher’s wife?

Will Amethyst choose to leave the western frontier if the major does not return her love?

A Pick of the Week


I don’t read much in the historical fiction area and admit that I haven’t read the first three books in this series. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy Amethyst and believe that while it is connected to the other three books, it stands alone. It’s an enjoyable read and one that captured my attention enough that I will look for Ms. Snelling’s next book…. A good read with a satisfying ending that turned back time with the memories of my own happily ever after, oh so many years ago.” –Sharon Broom,