A Treasured and Delightful Series Continues!

When Ruby Torvald marries rancher Rand Harrison, her sister, Opal, takes to ranch life like a hummingbird to sugar water. She can outshoot, outride, and outwork any cowboy on the place. Ranching has clearly captured her heart. But when Opal makes a foolish though innocent decision, her dear friend Atticus is taken away from her, and she is consumed with feelings of guilt and self-recrimination. Will she ever see Atticus again?

Jacob Chandler, hiding secrets from the past, arrives from the East to begin a new life with his son. The young minister discovers grace and acceptance among the people of Dakotah Territory and soon finds himself falling in love with the enchanting Opal Torvald.  

Will the tragedy that has broken Opal’s heart keep her from love forever? 

The Dakotah Treasures series promises to be a wonderful, heart-wrenching and ultimately uplifting series. I can hardly wait for more and hope they come soon!” —The Romance Reader’s Connection 

Opal, the third book in Lauraine Snelling’s DAKOTAH TREASURES series is the story of a young girl who has to grow up quickly. Stubborn and willful, Opal learns that one innocent–though unwise–act can have far reaching repercussions. She struggles with guilt and feeling responsible, while at the same time, she’s unhappy in school. She wrestles with issues of self-worth and acceptance, like all teenagers do.
If you pick up Opal hoping for a historical romance, you may be disappointed. Instead, you’ll find a solid historical rich with interesting information about late 19th century life and the everyday struggles of living on a ranch in the rough Dakota Territory. Opal is about a time when people had to work together to survive. It’s a story about family, friends, and faith. Though Opal is a stand-alone book, readers will probably enjoy it more if they’ve read the previous two books in the series and are familiar with the cast of characters.” –The Dancing Word.com

Opal is book three of the DAKOTAH TREASURES series by Lauraine Snelling. Readers will be better understanding of the plot and characters if they read the other two books first, which are titled Ruby and Pearl. Opal can be read as a stand-alone novel and leaves the ending open for another offering to be added in continuation of her story, as Opal is only fourteen in this story. I enjoyed this novel in conjunction with the other two and look forward to reading others by this author.”–Romance Junkies