They Needed a Home.

She Needed a Family.

What They Found Was a Miracle.

After the great market crash of 1929, families everywhere are falling
on desperate times. Raised by a grandmother who instilled a love for
simple pleasures and the good, wild things growing on God’s earth, Julia
Wortham is determined to make a decent life for her children. Her
husband, Samuel, carries the shame of losing his job, their home, and
Julia’s savings. He also bears the impossible burden of providing for
his family.

Then circumstances force the family to seek shelter in an abandoned
farmhouse–and to find mercy in a stranger’s heart. Emma Graham, the
elderly owner, is indeed merciful. But there are others who will stop at
nothing to drive the family from the farm. Meanwhile, Sam and Julia’s
fears could compel them to abandon the one place they and their children
long to call home.

As the unusual bond between Emma and the Worthams deepens, each
person sees with increasing clarity the truth that “there is a time for
everything under the sun.” Filled with both joy and hardship, those
times will create a harvest greater than any of them have ever known.