Abby’s all grown up. She just needs Will to notice.

WWII soldier Will Judge brings home an orphan boy from Europe, it turns
his world upside down.His fiancée might be ready to marry him, but not
to mother a war orphan. As Will struggles to figure out his next move,
he turns to Abby, his childhood friend.

Since they were
teenagers, Abby Richardson’s feelings for Will have always been more
than friendly. Once she was willing to be his pen pal and his
confidante, listening as he poured out his heart. But now Abby wants so
much more: to be part of Will’s ready-made family. What will it take to
open Will’s eyes—and his heart?

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About The Author

Linda is a writer with her hands in too many pots including her new gig as an agent for Hartline Literary Agency. But she loves to stir those pots and see what the finished products are like. She was an editorial assistant to Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency and a final reader for White Rose Publishing. She still judges, and is a speaker for conferences and meetings where she takes the adage “make ‘em laugh” to heart

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