Mandie and the Dark Alley: When Mandie and Celia find themselves in an unfamiliar alley late at
night, Mandie thinks she hears a whining puppy in need of rescue. But
when they finally have a chance to go back to the forbidden street, they
encounter something far more sinister. How will Mandie and Celia escape
danger this time?

Mandie and the Tornado!: Mandie has two weeks off from school for the spring holidays. Despite
all the dreary weather, Mandie is excited to spend time at home with her
family and friends–and to investigate the latest mystery. But what
will become of her vacation when the rainy days turn into a full-blown
tornado headed their way?

Mandie and the Quilt Mystery: An old family quilt, handed down from Mandie’s Cherokee grandmother,
contains a secret message stitched into the design. No one will tell
Mandie what the quilt says, so she sets out to ask her Cherokee
kinpeople herself. Mandie will stop at nothing to find out, even if it
means changing everyone’s travel plans.