Edith is trying to lose weight in every way imaginable to
get into a certain dress by the time Salt and Birdie’s April wedding rolls
around. Olympia dies suddenly, leaving her daughter Annie the beloved old
house, which she can’t afford to keep and maintain on her professor’s salary.
Leaving it would be cutting herself off from Heavenly Daze, and she can’t bring
herself to do that, although A.J. is urging her to move to New York to be near
him. Plus, Caleb tells her he’s being “transferred” at the end of the
month! Annie has to learn how to find God’s will . . . and open herself up to a
new love that’s been under her nose the entire time.

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About The Author

Angie teamed up with her good friend Lori Copeland to write this series of five books, described as “Mayberry meets Touched by an Angel.” The series is set on an island off the coast of Maine, and it's a typical seafaring village ... except that each of the seven original buildings is occupied by an angel!

Books by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt