The death of Jakob Lapp, a beloved member of the Amish community and the builder of the Stonyfield Farm Stand, is difficult for all. On the day of Jakob’s funeral, his beloved daughter Miriam must deal with her grief as well as mounting apprehension, knowing that she will soon see her sister Sarah who left the Amish community to live the Englisch life several years ago.

Sarah’s arrival forces Miriam to face the problems in her marriage. She has been unable to give her husband, Daniel, a child and fears he is not happy. Miriam has always suspected that Daniels’s heart truly lies with her sister, and she worries about the effect Sarah’s return will have on their already strained marriage. But when a disaster threatens the farm stand, everyone must come together, allowing new hope to grow not only for the community, but for Miriam as well

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About The Author

Marianne Ellis is the pseudonym for JoAnn Brown and Cameron Dokey. Jo Ann Brown currently writes in The Patchwork Mysteries series for Guideposts and Thorndike.  Her interest in the Amish goes back to when she and her family lived in Pennsylvania near Lancaster County. Cameron Dokey has written more than thirty works of fiction including romances for readers of all ages. Her young adult works have appeared regularly on the ALA most recommended lists.

Books by Marianne Ellis

Summer Promise (Amish Seasons #1)

With the heat of summer comes the warmth of sunlight, shadows of the past, and Miriam's chance to win the heart of the only man she's ever loved ' her husband.