A new and very exclusive society has developed in Norfolk, VA. A society of wealthy people who wield a chilling amount of power.

Now Norfolk High has become infiltrated by rich, spoiled teenagers who believe they are inherently better than everyone else.
When Maggie Kraus, a rebellious and troubled teen, comes to Norfolk, she blatantly challenges the balance of power and becomes the target of a deadly game.

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About The Author

Melinda Bohannon graduated from Fresno State in 1994 with a BA in Liberal Studies and became a teacher. For many years, she worked with troubled teenagers and their families. In 2004 she and her family began working with foster children. Melinda has spoken to groups of foster parents and recovery groups on matters of dealing with troubled children. Melinda lives with her husband, Richard, and their children Joshua, Caleb, and Cheyenne.

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