Fifteen-year-old Maya Stark seems to have it all: fame, fortune, a
Beverly Hills lifestyle, and an eighties pop star dad who’s making a
comeback. But looks can be deceiving, and on the inside, Maya’s
miserable. Her parents are divorced, her dad is away on tour, and being
biracial, she struggles with her identity. To make matters worse,
her mother has returned to using drugs and is quickly depleting their
finances. In a plan to become emancipated from her messed-up mom, Maya
takes a job on Rodeo Drive. Selling designer clothes compromises Maya’s
earth-friendly “green girl” values, but she’s desperate.

when Maya thinks she’s got it all worked out, her life caves in. Her mom
“embezzles” Maya’s savings and is later arrested on DUI and cocaine
possession charges and is facing jail time. With nowhere to live, Maya
is sent to spend the summer with her relatives. In the collision of two
very different worlds, Maya must figure out where she fits in–or does
she fit in at all?