It begins with the abduction of a Holocaust survivor from a New York City mission, but soon escalates as Dr. Jonathan Munro’s colleague, Dr. Harry Bryce, an expert in the Middle Ages, is also kidnapped. Jon soon finds himself teamed with his ex-fiancée and artifact-thief, Isabel Kaufman and her new partner: the Irish mercenary Sean MacNeil. Together they work to rescue Harry from an ancient order of alchemists bent on finding The Elixir of Life, a substance thought to cure any disease and prolong life indefinitely.

Are they chasing a myth, or is it based on something far more powerful?

From Medieval cathedrals to ancient Christian burial sites, pursued by ambitious men who will stop at nothing to possess the prize, Jon must weave back together the diverse threads of Middle Age myths and secret clues to discover the startling tapestry of truth behind them all. Can Jonathan find Harry in time, or will they all be sacrificed to the ambitions of men who would live forever?

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About The Author

Michael J. Scott specializes in action/adventure thrillers and suspense. Michael is also a husband, father of three, preacher, teacher, poet and playwright. He graduated Cum Laude from Eastern Christian College in Bel Air, Maryland in 1992, and has served churches in Ohio, Indiana, and New York. He currently lives with his family outside of Rochester, New York.

Books by Michael J. Scott

The Elixir of Life (Jonathan Munro #2)

Dr. Jonathan Munro teams with his ex-fiancee against an ancient order of alchemists searching for The Elixir of Life, thought to cure any disease. Are they chasing a myth, or is it based on something far more powerful'

The Lost Scrolls (Jonathon Munro #1)

Dr. Jonathan Munro is thrust into a world of international criminals who will stop at nothing to claim the location of the missing autographs of the New Testament. Is it the find of the century, or a costly fraud'

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