Is the End of the Safe Haven Near When Their Secret is Exposed?

For nearly two years, Mayme–a former slave–and Katie have kept Katie’s family plantation in operation, disguising the fact that they are orphans of war and ‘sisters of the heart.’ Together they have sheltered others in need and battled threats of foreclosure, theft and deadly danger.

But now the girls face what seems like the certain end of their extraordinary scheme. A hard-nosed relative of Katie’s exposes their secret. He is determined to claim Rosewood as his own and send away all Katie’s friends. Is this the end of their happy life? 

Shenandoah Sisters
Michael Phillips’ bestselling Civil War saga traces the efforts of two very different Southern girls—one the daughter of a slave, the other the daughter of a plantation owner—as they fight to stay safe after being orphaned in the war. Soon the plantation they have struggled to maintain becomes a beacon of hope to others in desperate need.