With broken wagon wheels, dangerous predators and scheming villains the West can be a very wild place to live — that is unless you have a hero like Sam to save you. In this one-size-fits-all story, our hero Sam must overcome his prideful tendency and learn the importance of not letting popularity distract him from his calling. With his 10-gallon hat, Sam is given extaordinary strength from the White Rider, but will he use it to help others or will it go to his head?

Based on the story of Samson in Judges 13-16, Sam learns that sometimes the greatest enemy we can face is our own prideful heart. The second book in the Heroes of Promise series, Ten-Gallon Sam and the Perilous Mine introduces children to the concept of obeying God and using their strengths to serve Him.

Ages: 6-10

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About The Author

Brothers Christopher and Allan Miller spent more than 30 years in Christian Bookstores and book clubs operated by their parents, learning first hand the value of faith-based stories throughout their childhood. Today, they carry forward a passion to bring to life stories that inspire and illuminate the truth of God's Word in a fresh way. They live in Seattle, Washington with their families.

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