An Epic of Disastrous Proportions

Daring Heroics are back, but this time they’re on the run. After their crushing defeat at the Vale of Dreams, the Apprentice Hero Cyrus and Kris the Katheni go into hiding as fishermen; Sir Reginald Ogleby, the Crimson Slash, embarks on a new Quest to unite the races of the world; and the Arch-Villain Voshtyr Demonkin rules the world with a literally iron fist But Cyrus has Destiny to fulfill and far too many jokes to crack to stay hidden for long. Evil triumphed before, but can it hold on to its Ill-Gotten Gains? Join the cast of Hero in Hiding for your next dose of Good Guys, Gryphons, Villains and their Victims, a Passel of Protagonists and their Plethora of Problems, with a few Teachable Moments along the way.

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About The Author

When Mitchell Bonds was 10 he and his friends created an adventure game called "Quest." Mitchell played all the supporting characters, quest givers, and (his favorite) the villains, while his friends played the brave heroes who thwarted them. That game became the basis for his debut novel, Hero, Second Class. Mitchell is a young man with theatrical inclinations and a a wry sense of humor.

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