About The Author

Born in Northern Ireland, at the age of eight Patricia Falvey went to live in England and at twenty immigrated to America. She enrolled as an English major at Suffolk University, but due to lack of money switched her major to business. Even as she went into her profession, she never lost her desire to write. Years later, she took the leap of faith, quit my profession, and devoted herself full-time to finishing her first novel, The Yellow House.

Books by Patricia Falvey

The Linen Queen

Sheila's classic Irish beauty helps her win the 1941 Linen Queen competition, and the prize money that goes with it finally gives her the opportunity she's been dreaming of ...

The Yellow House

The Yellow House delves into the passion and politics of Northern Ireland at the beginning of the 20th Century. Eileen O'Neill's family is torn apart by religious intolerance and secrets from the past. Determin...