Jacob Lapp has loved Annie Zook since childhood. But she’s never seen him that way. Once courted — then rejected — by his older brother, Annie’s wary of the Lapp men. But now that Jacob is working at her dat’s blacksmith shop, he feels he’s been given a second chance.

It’s no secret Annie wants a husband. Yet she’s intent on marrying someone older, more established — someone the opposite of Jacob. Can he ever break down the walls she’s forged around her fragile heart and prove to her that he’s the perfect man for her?

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About The Author

Rebecca Kertz has lived in rural Delaware since she was a young newlywed. First introduced into the Amish world when her husband took a job with an Amish construction crew, she took joy in watching the Amish job-foreman's children at play and in swapping recipes with his wife. Rebecca resides happily with her husband and dog. She enjoys visiting Lancaster County, the setting for her Amish stories.

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