In Queen of Sheba, Roberta Kells
Dorr has woven historical and archaeological research with age-old
legend to create a riveting tale of ancient plots and passions.

stirring and epic account of a pagan queen’s search for truth and love
paints a captivating portrait of a woman struggling with her passions
and responsibilities while it brings to life the ancient Middle East.
Dorr tells of a beautiful, intelligent, and independent queen who
constantly battles the priests and high lords of her kingdom who resent
being ruled by a woman. Bilqis, the queen of Sheba, is a woman as
modern as her story is ancient.

Disillusioned by her own
religion, under pressure to marry but finding no suitor who meets her
own high standards, and disturbed by the effect of Solomon’s new fleet
of ships on Sheba’s precious trade routes, Bilqis travels to Israel to
meet the legendary Hebrew king and divert a needless and costly war. 

is a woman who longs for love but is reluctant to forsake her
independence, aware that she has much to lose if she makes the wrong
choice. In Solomon, to her surprise, she finds both love and a new
faith – the covenant between man and woman and the covenant between
humanity and God. But she is still too independent to let anyone become
close to her.  Also, she must return to rule her own people. How
Solomon finally wins her, and how this beautiful queen resolves the
conflicts among herself, her old religion, and the intrigues of her
kinsmen, make The Queen of Sheba an exciting, bold novel of love and faith.