Journey back to 1753 Baltimore, where Mariah Harwood is sold as an indentured servant to Colin Barclay. Her handsome new master just may be her ticket to paradise, but Mariah soon has her hands full as Colin plots to seduce her without being trapped into a commitment. Then when Colin is blinded in battle, Mariah must search within for qualities other than beauty to secure a marriage proposal. But how much will she sacrifice to garner true love?

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About The Author

Sally Laity's favorite pastimes include quilting for her church’s Prayer Quilt Ministry and scrapbooking. She lives in the beautiful Tehachapi Mountains of southern California with her husband of over fifty years and enjoys being a grandma and great-grandma.  Dianna Crawford, a California native, writes full-time. Her first inspirational novel was a six-book series she coauthored with Sally Laity. Dianna is married and has four daughters and seven grandkids.

Books by Sally Laity and Dianna Crawford