Fourteen-year-old Quinn travels from her home in Leavenworth, Washington to live in Seattle for two months while her mom undergoes experimental treatment for cancer. When Quinn finds her mother’s teen-years diary, she discovers a list of things her mom always wanted to do before she dies. Though reluctant to face the prospect of her mother’s death, Quinn determines to see that her mom accomplishes everything on the list. Only one worry–if she helps her mother complete the list is she actually giving her permission to die? But if her mom doesn’t complete the lists–and her treatment doesn’t work–will Quinn regret not helping make Mom’s dreams come true?

At the cancer hospital’s home-away-from-home Quinn makes a new friend Annie, whose mom is also undergoing cancer treatment. Annie’s mother has hopes and dreams, too, and Annie’s family has a secret, a secret they finally must discuss. Will cancer bring these families together, or will it tear them apart? A dress, a health-freak grandma and a set of suncatchers help both girls make decisions they’ll remember forever.