A K-9 handler determined to prove she belongs. A detective with an unwavering plan. Can they overcome their painful pasts and accept the gift of love?

Tina West has spent her life feeling like she stood on the outside, but since taking a job at Stryker Security, life seems to be turning for the better.

Tina never imagined when she took a job as a nanny she’d end up training for search and rescue. Yet, when her boss shows up with a retired military dog and the opportunity to train with him, Tina snatches up the chance to help those who are lost. If she saves enough people, maybe she could find meaning in a life that left her with nothing but a bruised heart and a tarnished picture of family. As holiday festivities loom before her, she wonders if she’ll ever shuck the regrets that haunt her dreams and keep her from connecting with others.

Milo Bishop’s every move has been to take care of his mom and younger brother.

Since his father’s murder, Milo has worked hard to make sure his mom and brother were provided for. He joined the police force straight out of high school, took night classes so he could move up to investigator, and put his life on hold until his brother graduated from college. But when he is rescued on Thanksgiving Day by Tina West, his well-laid plans take a sharp detour.

When a series of kidnappings threaten to ruin the holidays, can Tina and Milo put aside their doubts and find the abducted children before it’s too late?

Can Tina trust her instincts when they’re put to the test or will children being harmed hit too close to her past for her to deal with?

Will Milo put his desires above his family’s needs when a chance at love catches him by surprise?

Celebrating Tina

(Stryker Security Force Series #4)
Sara Blackard
Releases: Nov. 17, 2020

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Falling for Zeke

(Stryker Security Force Series #1)
Sara Blackard
ISBN-13 : 978-1393877455
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Capturing Sosimo

(Stryker Security Force Series #2)
Sara Blackard
ISBN-13 : 978-1393231097
Buy Capturing Sosimo from Amazon HERE:

Crashing into Jake

(Stryker Security Force Series #3)
Sara Blackard
ISBN-13 : 979-8692433763
Buy Crashing into Jake from Amazon HERE:

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Sara Blackard has been a writer since she was able to hold a pencil. When she’s not crafting wild adventures and sweet romances, she’s homeschooling her five children, keeping their off-grid house running, or enjoying the Alaskan lifestyle she and her husband love.

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