A plague has been unleashed that could lead to the end of the world.

Dr. Maggie Taylor is in the midst of a vast conspiracy–a key player in the fight against a demonic plot to bring on Armageddon. Who can she trust? She must learn how her father’s untimely death is linked to the deaths of nearly two dozen other scientists and the truth behind a doomsday weapon known only as the BioStrain chip. Will she discover the truth in time?

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About The Author

Sharon K. Gilbert brings a rich heritage to her writing: A childhood spent wandering along crooked streams and dancing in meadows, coupled with a degree in molecular biology and a short career in opera. Married to fellow writer and MythArc co-creator Derek P. Gilbert, Sharon is stepmother to a very gifted teen named Nicole, in addition to acting as assistant keeper to three rag-tag rescue dogs. The Gilberts live in Manchester, Missouri.

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