Three brand spanking new residents arrive in Connelly, Texas, during the frigid winter of 1973. But those aren’t the only happenings whipping around in the Panhandle wind.

The society page editor of the Chillaton Star makes a whopper of a typo that has the whole town gossiping. Lester’s once-dead wife reappears, and the outspoken postmistress inherits a gun-totin’ mother-in-law. Jemma’s grandmother, Lizbeth, might just get more than her college degree, and Aunt Do Dah runs smack dab into Cupid and the law. Porch company becomes a hot request during grace at Chillaton suppertime tables. They’re all just hoping there’s enough to go around.

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About The Author

Sharon McAnear grew up in the Texas Panhandle at a time when small towns and farms still thrived, as did the comforting presence of extended families. Her grandparents were a constant source of joy and spiritual inspiration to her. In addition to writing, Sharon is a reader, a hiker, and a frequent visitor to Britain. She lives in Colorado with her periodically dramatic family.

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