Jessica’s sole priority for the past thirteen years has been to keep her father alive in the hope he will wake up from his coma and save her. Threatening to cut off his life support at any sign of independence, her mother has controlled her life, even to the point of an arranged engagement to Seth, whom Jessica fears even more than her mother. When Jessica accepts this most outrageous demand yet and then discovers her father has ‘passed away’ anyway, she knows she has to escape.

She runs until she is lost and bewildered in a Georgia swamp, where she discovers the existence of the wonderful place her father hinted at to her when she was only a child. In this magical, unreal world, just as she begins to discover the truth about her twisted family roots, three young men set their eyes on Jessica.

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About The Author

Shelly Goodman Wright is a contributor to her local newspaper and writes short stories in addition to novels. When not writing or spending time with her family, she is busy planning children's ministry outreaches in her community. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three girls.

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