Jimmy Blatzo saw three large brownie squares in a Ziploc bag on the table. He grabbed the squares. “This is your punishment.”
    He pulled one out and crammed it into his mouth.
    “May I have the bag back?” Justine asked. “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.”
    “Not a chance,” he said, chewing. He marched out of the cafeteria.
    “That’s too bad,” Justine told Michael and Safdar.
    “What?” Safdar asked. “That you just made enemies with the biggest bully in the school?”
    “Or that he drank your juice, smashed your sandwiches and took your desert?” said Michael.
    “No,” said Justine. “That he took the Ziploc bag. I was hoping to use it for the whole school year. Plus, those brownies were part of my science project.”

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle—Justine and her friends are out to spread the word.

Justine McKeen talks too much, bosses people around too much, and as everyone soon finds out, she tells the truth, but just not all at once. Justine’s trying to save the planet, one person and one cause at a time. Best of all, when she decides to get something done, it involves a whole lot of laughter and fun for everyone.