Someone is trying to take everything from widowed mother Fiona Fitzgerald Cobb. Their method? Fires, like the one that left her little boy fatherless — and destroyed Fiona’s dreams — two years earlier. Could the attacks be linked?

Fitzgerald Bay firefighter Hunter Reece vows to keep Fiona and her son safe. He wasn’t able to save her husband — his best friend. This time, he won’t let Fiona down. Especially since the handsome man she’s known all her life has a secret … one that will make him risk everything to save her.

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About The Author

Stephanie Newton wrote her first suspense story -- complete with illustrations -- at the age of twelve. A teaching degree, a pastor husband, two kids and six moves later, she's still writing. She lives in Northwest Florida where she can most often be found enjoying the water with her family, or at church, where she makes the coffee and her husband preaches the sermons.

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