As Emily and Nate plan their wedding, they work to decipher their most baffling case yet.

When Emily goes to interview Stella Lessard in her home, she finds the sweet older woman dead. Stella’s odd will draws claimants to her estate. Nate, on the job as a sheriff’s deputy, stops a young woman for speeding and is stymied. She has the same name as another two young woman who is trying to claim Stella’s estate. Who is the legal heir? The police rule Stella’s death a homicide, and attitudes change. What is going on at Grand Cat Island? And who brought murder again to the sleepy town of Baxter? Emily lets her emotions get in the way as she tries to befriend the two girls. She winds up in danger that puts her ingenuity and faith to the test.

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About The Author

While waiting for her two cats to start contributing to the household income, Megan Elaine Davis writes from a small peninsula while wrapped in a purple blanket. Born and raised in Maine, she moved from New England to Old Blighty in 2007 after marrying an Englishman. Susan Page Davis is a native of central Maine and grew up on a small farm. She and her husband Jim have recently moved to western Kentucky.

Books by Susan Page Davis and Megan Elaine Davis