Christmas evokes heartfelt songs of joy and devotion. Yet so often we
hold back and fail to express our feelings of love and joy to the ones
we hold dear. This year, the residents of Cape Light and Angel Island
will learn to speak what’s in their hearts…

Adele Morgan
has made a few mistakes in her life. After a serious medical scare, she
realizes that her greatest regret is that she sat idly by while a petty
dispute tore her family apart. She has returned to Cape Light determined
to mend the relationship between her feuding sons and bring everyone
together for the holidays. A daunting challenge even for a mother’s
brave and loving heart.

Adele’s arrival elicits little delight.
Molly Willoughby is overwhelmed with her catering business, and Sam
Morgan is busy helping Reverend Ben with the Christmas festivities.
Neither one seems to have time for their Grandma Addie and her plan to
make things right. It will take a miracle to unite Adele’s family under
one roof this Christmas. Lucky for Adele, miracles can happen at the Inn
at Angel Island.

Meanwhile, there’s another visitor and this
one’s a skeptic determined to debunk Angel Island’s legend. Grad student
Jonathan Butler plans on staying long enough to prove the angel lore is
nonsense and leave with a grand “bah humbug!” Stuck on the island for
Christmas, he spends his time doing research in the Historical Center
where he meets Tess Wyler, a local undergrad who helps him gather
information. It’s only a matter of time before he too falls under the
island’s spell and realizes that the proof of Angel Island and Cape
Light’s magic lies within.