The Perfect Blend of History, Drama, and Romance

With memories of her loveless, arranged marriage behind her, Jasmine Houston, widowed with a young son, longs to establish her life in the bustling textile town of Lowell, Massachusetts. But news of her mother’s failing health lures Jasmine back to her family’s plantation in the South.

Her journey makes an unexpected turn when a deathbed promise prompts Jasmine to secure the freedom of a slave family with the help of her brother-in-law, Nolan. With a joyous return to her horse farm in Lowell–and a deepening knowledge of the love in her heart–Jasmine’s future appears bright.

But as her family splinters over the slavery issue, Jasmine’s unfaltering commitment to her abolitionist beliefs will be tested as she faces the prospect of losing that which is dearest to her.

With skill and emotional depth, bestselling authors Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller weave a heart-tugging drama of faith, courage, and love.