When Melinda Colson’s employer announces they’ll be leaving Bridal
Veil Island to return to their home in Cleveland, Melinda hopes her
beau, Evan, will propose. But Evan isn’t prepared to make an offer of
marriage until he knows he can support a wife and family. Evan works as
the assistant gamekeeper on Bridal Veil but hopes to be promoted soon.
Letters strengthen their love, but Melinda remains frustrated at
being apart from the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

When she learns of a devastating hurricane in Bridal Veil, Melinda knows
she must give up her position as a lady’s maid and make her way back to
The destruction on Bridal Veil is extensive, meaning every available
person is needed to help with cleanup and repairs. Melinda finds a new
job on the island, but Evan seems even busier than before, meaning she
still never gets to see him. Has she given her heart to the wrong man?
And when Melinda overhears a vicious plot against President McKinley,
who is scheduled to visit the island, is Evan the one she should turn
to? Will Melinda and Evan ever get the chance to stand at the front of a
church and promise “to love and cherish”?