Dassa is back on Gannah, but things aren’t going the way she’d planned. A shuttle crash leaves her marooned 10,000 kilometers from the settlement just as a blizzard sets in. Injured, she takes refuge in Ruwach Gorge. Seeking food and shelter, she stumbles across the ruins of a place she’d always thought was a myth. What she finds there casts doubt on some of her fundamental beliefs. Her husband, Pik, reluctantly takes charge of the settlement in her absence and organizes a search for her. Rebellious settlers and a wayward daughter make things difficult enough. But when the planet’s animals threaten to break the ancient treaty and resume the old Wildlife Wars, Pik’s hard-pressed to hold things together. If he can manage to find Dassa, will she have a home to come back to? Alone in the mysterious canyon where reality and fairytale are flipped, Dassa wonders the same thing.

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About The Author

Yvonne Anderson writes fiction that takes you out of this world! A late bloomer, Anderson didn’t start writing until after her four kids were grown. She is best known as author of the acclaimed Gateway to Gannah science fiction series--except she doesn’t like to call it that because it’s light on the “sci” and heavy on “fi.” She thinks of it more as a space fantasy. The first book in the series, The Story in the Stars, was an American Christian Fiction Writers' Carol Award finalist in 2012.

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