Billy Tucci’s work as a comic book writer and artist has received awards and acclaim from comic fans and critics alike, especially for his recent work on DC Comics’ Sgt. Rock: The Lost Battalion, which displays his carefully researched writing and richly detailed artwork.

Now Tucci has applied his commitment to research and attention to detail to the story of Christ’s birth, in A Child Is Born (Apostle Arts). Creating the 32-page “graphic novella” was something Tucci had wanted to do for years. “Every project I’ve approached has been deeply personal to me,” he says, “I cannot think of any body of work more worthwhile to my family than to illustrate the story of Mary and Joseph.”

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About The Author

For more than a decade, Billy Tucci dreamed of telling the Nativity story as a comic book. “As a Christian,” Tucci said, “I felt this type of book needed to be produced.” However, known for his gritty action comics, it was a risk for Tucci to write and draw a short Christian-themed comic book. “I was incredibly anxious about how the mainstream comic audience would react.”