Two dedicated fans recently
saved the movie adaptation
of the best-selling book Blue
Like Jazz
by Donald Miller.
After seeing the news on
Miller’s blog that the film
was put on hold due to lack
of funding, Zach Prichard
and Jonathan Frazier
helped raise more than
$345,000 in 30 days to keep
the movie going. Directed by
Steve Taylor, the film will
star Marshall Allman (True Blood, Prison Break) as Miller. Principle photography began last fall in Nashville and Portland.
—C.J. Darlington

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C. J. Darlington won the 2008 Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel contest with her debut novel, Thicker Than Blood. In 2006 C. J. started with her sister, Tracy, and has been actively promoting Christian fiction through book reviews and author interviews. She's a regular contributor to FamilyFiction.