(Rock Rapids, IA) – Recovering from burns he received near the sun’s surface, Donton gets an opportunity to shine when the Christian space explorers venture To Venus in Genesis 7: Episode Four, the latest DVD in the Bridgestone Multimedia Group educational series.

After an unexpected return to Earth to mend the craft and Donton’s wounds in Genesis 7: Episode Three, the eager lieutenant’s aerocapture skills are put to the test when he is challenged to navigate “Little G,” the Genesis 7 lander, to the surface of the desolate, terrestrial planet of Venus. Will Donton, Enoch, and Priscilla successfully complete the most challenging leg of their mission to date and collect the necessary samples to transport home to Genesis Command?

Funded by Christian scientists who want to prove that the universe was created by God, the Genesis 7 space program is in the midst of a year-long, fact-finding mission. On board is a family of elite young astronauts, headed by Captain Enoch Andrews, the uncle of siblings Lt. Donton Andrews and imaging specialist Priscilla Andrews. From Genesis Command headquarters, Lt. Abigail Jennings oversees the faithful crew’s perilous exploration of the solar system, which has previously included trips to the moon (Episode One) and the sun (Episode Two).

An imaginative series told in the tradition of The Magic School Bus, Genesis 7 combines suspenseful plots and computer animation to explore outer space with a Christian worldview. To Venus includes bonus educational materials and the inspiring message that all things are possible with God.

Produced by Iachod Media, Genesis 7: Episode Four is available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group. The first three DVDs of the Genesis 7 series also are available.

Genesis 7: Episode One: The Mission

Genesis 7 – Episode Two: Journey to the Sun

Genesis 7 – Episode Three: Unexpected Return

Genesis 7 – Episode Four: To Venus

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