At least twice a week since 1997, Reverend Fun has explored the lighter side of church life and Christianity with its The Far Side-styled one panel comics. Bible stories, theological ideas, and modern traditions are all targets for the comic strip’s humor – sometimes all in the same comic. Bible verses appear under the comic to let the reader check out the source of the humor. The longevity of Reverend Fun is not its only unique quality. The comics are available from the website or the two printed books for use in church bulletins and presentations, among other things. The creators of Reverend Fun also accept submissions from readers, giving them a chance to join the fun with their own ideas.

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About The Author

Whether he’s poking fun at overzealous ministers, shining a new light on an old Bible story, or challenging the "gossip" in all of us, Reverend Fun creator Dennis "Max" Hengeveld has an incredible knack for getting Christians to remove the log from our own eye before we try to remove a splinter from the eye of someone else’s.