Irelander Glenn Meade has long been fascinated by
the mystery of Anna Anderson, who claimed she was
the famous Russian Anastasia Romanov. “I’m hoping
my novel The Romanov Conspiracy (Howard Books)
offers a fresh version of the decades-old enigma surrounding
the Romanovs’ final hours, Anastasia’s fate
and the role played by Anna Anderson. I want to
convince the reader that history’s version of events
may not be the entire truth.” Glenn spent over a year
vetting and sifting through the clues to finally get to
the bottom of these mysteries.

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About The Author

Glenn Meade was born into a working-class family in Dublin, Ireland. He worked as a specialist in the field of pilot training—having had a life-long interest in aviation—and has also been a journalist for the Irish Times and the Independent. His novels to date have been translated into twenty-six languages, and have enjoyed critical and commercial success. Glenn Meade spends some of his free time in the American south.