Seattle: "Spiritual restoration often comes when we are able to move from desperation to delight, from fear to faith," shares Dorothy Love. In Love's newest release, Carolina Gold (Thomas Nelson/December 10, 2013/ISBN: 978-1-4016-8761-8/$15.99), the characters find themselves clinging to vanishing dreams. Readers learn with the characters the importance of letting go and finding joy in what has been provided for them - not what they long to happen.

Inspired by the life of a 19th-century woman rice planter, Carolina Gold continues Love's winning tradition of weaving together mystery, romance and rich historical detail, bringing to life the story of one young woman's struggle to restore her ruined world.

Independent and strong-willed Charlotte Fraser returns to her late father's rice plantation in hopes of bringing it back to its once-thriving state. She is determined to continue growing a special kind of rice called Carolina Gold, but Fairhaven Plantation is in ruins, and hope seems small. Despite her efforts, Charlotte questions whether she can keep her father's dream alive.

To make ends meet, Charlotte reluctantly accepts a position to tutor the young daughters of Nicholas Betancourt, heir to the neighboring plantation. Nick is set on proving his ownership of Willowood - no matter the cost. Nick's quest to secure his future sends Charlotte on a dangerous journey to uncover long-buried family secrets. Will the answers to her questions threaten all she holds dear or save her from ruin?

Like Charlotte, we are quick to rely on our own plans for happiness, and when they come crumbling down, we are left empty-handed. "Charlotte hopes to restore her land and her way of life somehow, but her journey teaches her that the truer meaning of restoration lies in the acceptance of circumstances that can't be changed - taking joy not in what we long for, but in what has been provided for us," Love explains.

As gold is refined by fire, so are we refined by the trying times we face. Love has encountered several of those hard, unavoidable times herself. "I've tried to maintain some perspective on the situations, knowing that everything is a season and these present circumstances won't last forever," she advises. "Take one day at a time. Try to get some rest. Don't be afraid to ask for help."

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About The Author

An accomplished author in the secular market, Dorothy Love's inspirational fiction debut Beyond All Measure is the first novel in the Hickory Ridge series of historicals set in her native South. Her well-researched, heartwarming stories of family, faith and friendship reflect her passion for discovering the histories of ordinary people who accomplished extraordinary things and set her apart as an author of Southern history with heart.