Crucible of War

(Sheaf House) is the fourth book in J.M. Hochstetler’s epic seven-book series about the Revolutionary period in American history. Joan’s passion for the period stems from the freedom Americans have enjoyed due to the Christian principles on which the nation was founded. “Today many of our citizens don’t really know what those principles are and the sacrifices the men and women of that generation made to give us this precious legacy. Ignorance endangers our liberties. By bringing that period to life in thrilling stories that engage, entertain and inform readers, I want to honor the heroes of that era and help ensure the heritage they provided is protected for the generations that come after us.”

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About The Author

An award-winning author and editor, Joan M. Hochstetler is the daughter of Mennonite farmers. She is the publisher and editorial director of Sheaf House Publishers. In addition to writing, Joan enjoys spending time with her husband (a retired United Methodist pastor), and with her children and grandchildren and researching history for her next books.