If being a wife, mother of six and
best-selling author weren’t already
enough to keep Karen Kingbury’s
already jam-packed schedule
full—well, that’s really only the
beginning of what’s in the pipeline.
This October, she hosts this
year ’s Girls Get-a-way Cruise to
Cozumel, where she’ll get to mingle with people more than ever
before. Karen is also speaking at
several Women of Joy Events and
at the Extraordinary Women gathering in Roanoke, Virginia.
And when she’s not wearing her
speaker hat, Karen—whose book
Like Dandelion Dust (Center Street)
was recently adapted for the big
screen and stars Academy Award
winner Mira Sorvino—is also dabbling in screenwriting herself.
“Screenwriting is so much fun for
me because it’s so visual,” Kingsbury says. “Instead of so much ex-
position, you’re able to show that
with action. I love how you’re really
pared down to meaningful dialogue and meaningful placement
of scenes in songwriting. I love,
love, love writing like that.”
As for seeing her work on the big
screen, Karen says she’s learned a
thing or two in the process. “In
terms of having books being made
into movies, it’s a mixed bag. I’m so
excited about it, but I’ve learned to
hold on loosely,” Karen explains. “I
have creative control in place on
the contract, but there is going to
be interpretation, which I’m okay
with. I’ve learned not to be so
excited about a ?lm company, a
producer or a studio. Instead, I’ve
learned to be excited about what
God’s doing. Ultimately, the people
involved are just the tools in His
hands, anyway.” FF

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About The Author

The author of more than 50 novels, #1 New York Times Bestselling author Karen Kingsbury is America’s favorite inspirational storyteller. Many of her novels have topped national bestseller lists, and there are more than 25 million copies of her books in print. Her novels have also been adapted to the screen, including Like Dandelion Dust, The Bridge, and A Time to Dance. Her popular series starring the Baxter family is being developed as a television series.