Fans who’ve waited patiently for Lorena McCourtney to write another mystery starring Ivy Malone or Andi McConnell will delight in her brand-new series featuring assistant private investigator Cate Kinkaid. Dying to Read (Revell Books) finds Cate on her first assignment. “It’s supposed to be easy, uncomplicated, with no danger, murder or mayhem,” McCourtney says. “Instead, she finds herself up to her elbows in Whodunit ladies, a paint-blobbed hunk, a deaf cat and killers.”

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About The Author

Lorena McCourtney has published forty romance and mystery novels. Two of her novels, Invisible and On the Run, have received Daphne du Maurier Awards of Excellence. Two of her earlier novels, Forgotten and Whirlpool, were RITA finalists. She and her husband Jim live in southern Oregon.