What are the biblical concepts or themes you address in these books?

Every book has a biblical value at its core. Book number one is about honoring your parents, and book number two centers around the Sermon on the Mount and treating others how you want to be treated.

Who would you say are the ideal readers for The Dead Sea Squirrels?

I think grade-school kids in first through fifth grade will love these books! One of the fun things about The Dead Sea Squirrels is how the story advances over the series. I hope it will keep kids wondering what happens next and keep them engaged.

Are there more volumes of The Dead Sea Squirrels planned? (If so, what can readers expect from future volumes?)

Yes! There are four more volumes to come in the next year. We follow the story of the squirrels adjusting to the modern world and the challenges Michael encounters as a regular fifth-grader, all while trying to steer clear from a mysterious figure who wants to get his hands on Merle and Pearl!

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