The much anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Hallmark Channel movie The Shunning (based on the Beverly Lewis novel) has begun production! The Confession continues the story of young Amish woman Katie Lapp, whose life was turned upside down when she discovered she was adopted, and was later shunned by her community for her “rebellious” ways. Director Michael Landon Jr. says of the script, “There are enough twists and turns and interesting plotting in the novel that we’re going to stay very true to the source material.” Filming will begin soon in North Carolina, and at press time it was confirmed that Sherry Stringfield will reprise her role as Laura Mayfield Bennett.

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About The Author

Beverly Lewis, raised in Pennsylvania Amish country, is a former schoolteacher, an accomplished musician, and an award-winning author of more than eighty books for adults and children, many of which have appeared on bestseller lists. Her novel The Brethren won a 2007 Christy Award for excellence in Christian fiction.