When Rachel Mathias, a seven-year-old Jewish girl makes fast friends with her schoolmate Michael O’Malley, an Irish Catholic, they quickly become best pals and confidantes. Sharing a friendship so deep, they vow to become friends “forever and ever – and can’t be parted for never and never”. But their relationship is threatened when their intolerant community makes Rachel and Michael aware of their religious differences. Can their friendship withstand the outside pressure? Is it so strong that it can survive anything? A story about prejudice as seen through the eyes of innocent children, Hand in Hand is a Golden Globe award-winning film for the entire family.

Running Time: 73 Min.

Stars: Kathleen Byron, Finlay Currie, Arnold Diamond, John Gregson, Miriam Karlin, Barry Keegan, Martin Lawrence, Philip Needs, Loretta Parry, Derek Sydney, Sybil Thorndike
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