The classic stories from Genesis, the first book of the Bible, record God’s creation of the world and His desire to have a people set apart to worship Him. Genesis sets the stage for the entire Bible. It reveals the person and nature of God (Creator, Sustainer, Judge, Redeemer) and the value and dignity of human beings made in God’s image, saved by grace and used by God throughout the world.

Disc 1:

Episode 1: Adam and Eve: Creation – All at once we see Him creating the world in a majestic display of power and purpose, culminating with a man and a woman.

Episode 2: Noah’s Ark: The Voyage – After the creation, sin entered the world and Satan was unmasked. His heart broken, God was sorry He had created the world and He destroyed it, leaving only Noah, his family, and animals of the earth.

Disc 2:

Episode 3: Tower of Babel: Towering Pride and True Lies – As the earth is populated, the people once again disobey God and build a tower honoring themselves, not God.

Episode 4: Sodom and Gomorrah: Rain of Fire – Why did God let Abraham question His justice? God is merciful to sinners, but He also knew there were not ten righteous people in Sodom, yet He was merciful enough to save Lot.

Disc 3:

Episode 5: Abraham and His Sons: Brothers at War – The stories of Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Joseph are more than angry disputes among brothers, they are inspiring biographies that emphasize the promises of God and the proof that He is faithful.

Episode 6: Joseph and His Brothers: The Dream Reader – Joseph is sold into slavery by his brothers. Joseph eventually emerges as a ruler of Egypt. He forgives his brothers and is able to save Egypt and is reunited with his brothers and father. Another picture of how God uses us to accomplish His good purposes.

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