Change comes to Walton’s Mountain. Scholarship winner John-Boy enters Boatwright University. Jason takes his big brother’s place as head kid wrangler for the Walton brood while finding his own identity in music. John and Olivia celebrate 20 years of marriage. Grandpa and Grandma leave home (and return). But one thing can never change: the powerful family bond that keeps the Waltons united. In this 5-disc set containing all 24 Season 3 episodes, the Waltons experience situations unique to the Depression, including a dance marathon and the construction of Blue Ridge Park. But mostly they face the age-old issues of family: holding children close and letting them go, doing without and making do. Topical yet timeless, of its era yet forever true. That’s Season 3 of “The Waltons.”

Episodes include: Disc 1 – Side A: “The Conflict (1),” “The Conflict (2)” and “The First Day” Disc 1 – Side B: “The Thoroughbred,” “The Runaway” and “The Romance” Disc 2 – Side A: “The Ring,” “The System” and “The Spoilers” Disc 2 – Side B: “The Marathon,” “The Book” and “The Job” Disc 3 – Side A: “The Departure,” “The Visitor” and “The Birthday” Disc 3 – Side B: “The Lie,” “The Matchmakers” and “The Beguiled” Disc 4 – Side A: “The Caretakers” and “The Shivaree” Disc 4 – Side B: “The Choice” and “The Statue” Disc 5 – “The Song,” “The Woman” and “The Venture”.

The Homecoming: A Christmas Story
The Waltons: The Complete First Season
The Waltons: The Complete Second Season
The Waltons: The Complete Third Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fourth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Fifth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Sixth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Seventh Season
The Waltons: The Complete Eighth Season
The Waltons: The Complete Ninth Season
The Waltons: The Movie Collection

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