The romantic suspense author talks about her Finny’s Nose cozy mystery series, newly available in the eBook format from Spyglass Lane Mysteries:

The Spyglass Lane Mysteries all have elements of romance, faith, and
suspense—which of those facets was hardest for you to write? Which was the

The suspense element is always the easiest because I am a voracious
mystery/suspense fan. It’s in my blood. The faith/romance threads require
much more deep thought time for me. I feel a great responsibility to portray
the spiritual struggles the best that I possibly can.

As a whodunit writer who is a Christian, in what ways did your faith
impact how you write a murder mystery?

All my characters are working through
faith issues as they meander through their mystery. While the novel will
provide them all with a fitting resolution (bad guys will be punished,
heroes will be rewarded) there is a more important spiritual journey
awaiting them.

Tell us about your amateur sleuth.
Ah Ruth! I love her because she
struggles with some weighty issues—the loss of a spouse, an estranged
child—yet she hangs onto a sense of humor that carries her through. She’s a
middle-aged woman, not a twentysomething, so she’s had some living under
her proverbial belt. I think an older heroine brings a richness and depth to
the story. Over the course of the series her life will be completely turned
upside down. Doesn’t that sound just about right for a heroine?

Do you base your characters on people you know or are they totally made

They’re made up, compilations of character traits that I draw from
different people I meet, though my kids have read the Finny’s and think one
particular character reminds them quite a bit of their dad!

Who are the authors that inspire you as an author?
Well Harlan Coban
writes the best suspense novels ever. I love Jan Karon, who paints the
glorious town of Mitford so beautifully. You can beat a good Liz Curtis
Higg’s historical. I could go on a while, but I’ll hold myself to three!

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Dana Mentink resides in sunny California, where the climate is mild and the cheese divine. She enjoys performing in mystery dinner theater and devouring books from her favorite authors. In between juggling an elementary teaching career, two beautiful girls, one husband, and a dog with social anxiety troubles, Dana writes mysteries and inspirational fiction.