Known for the diversity of his writing talent, Davis Bunn is no stranger to the
bestseller lists. Blending danger, intrigue, and romance, his novel

All Through the Night explores the controversial, and sometimes blurry, ground that surrounds truly experiencing the
miraculous versus just falling for an elaborate, religious scam.

1.Your main character,Wayne, possesses an unusual combination of abilities.What can
you tell us about him?
Creating Wayne was one of the story’s initial joys. To “draw” him, I combined the
experiences of two very different people. The first was the son of a rigid pastor, far more
concerned with Old Testament judgment than New Testament love. This drove Wayne
away from faith long before he had a chance to truly know God. The second was a combat
veteran who, like Wayne, served in Afghanistan in a “special ops” unit. Through his
willingness to share, I derived a great deal of understanding and admiration for veterans
like him.

2. Can you describe the situation Wayne finds himself thrust into at the beginning of
the novel?
Wayne had been awarded a medal for what he felt was a failure of duty, one that resulted in
the loss of two dear friends. Struggling to adapt to civilian life, he spends over a year living
on the road and feeling worthless.Wayne’s sister offers him a chance to redeem himself, in
a sense, by encouraging him to help a group of retirees that has fallen victim to a cruel
scam.Wayne uses both his military and financial skills to help the community—which
leads him to an even greater challenge yet.

3. All Through the Night is populated with a number of quirky, humorous senior
citizens. Do you have a favorite?
All three of the main characters remain very close to me, but perhaps the most beautiful in
my eyes is Victoria, the sweet woman who prays Wayne back to spiritual health. She was
modeled after the woman to whom this book is dedicated, Ruth McCommon. Ruth served
as a missionary nurse in a number of very difficult places, and since her so-called
retirement has served as resident nurse practitioner at one of Atlanta’s largest churches. Just
like Victoria in the novel, Ruth is a woman born to love, serve, heal and give.

4.How would you classify All Through the Night? Suspense, romance, thriller…?
That is a tricky one. It is certainly a suspenseful story, and there is absolutely a lot of
romance. But I feel one thing that sets my work apart is the depth of human drama.
Perhaps I’m wrong about that; I’m just the guy with the pen.

5. I see that you have written novels in a number of different genres (historical, contemporary legal thrillers, and
more). Do you have a favorite genre? Do you ever find it difficult to switch gears?

My abiding passion is story. I read from all these different genres, and when I started writing it seemed natural to delve
into different directions. But these days I’m trying to focus down more—putting more mystery into the softer stories,
and more romance into the mysteries. As for switching gears, each story may demand a particular form and structure,
but the joy and the thrill of writing is the same.

6.What would you say readers are sure to “get” in a Davis Bunn novel? What do you aim to deliver?
My primary goal is to entertain and inspire in equal measure. I hope to compete quality-wise with the best that is out
there in the general market, yet maintain a strong thread of either direct faith in action, or an overriding Christian-based
moral. I want to give an engrossing read that is powered by my passion for God.

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About The Author

Davis Bunn is an internationally bestselling author, published in 21 languages and with more than 7 million books in print. He is a four-time Christy Award winner and has received much acclaim for his novels across multiple genres, including historical fiction, inspirational, suspense and women’s fiction. He and his wife divide their time between the coast of Florida and the English countryside, where Davis serves as Writer in Residence at Regent’s Park College, Oxford University.