Krista McGee's new book Anomaly (Thomas Nelson) takes place in a futuristic world that has been marred by nuclear war.  Krista took a moment to share with FamilyFiction about this project, her inspiration, and why she likes writing for teens.  

Q:  This book takes place in an alternate world. Can you tell us a bit
about it?

Anomaly is set in the future - 40 years
after the world has been decimated by nuclear war. The only survivors of that
war were "The Ten" - scientists who had been building a
self-sustaining underground compound years before the final destruction. They
determined to create a "new world" where people are free of emotions
and beliefs. These things, they believe, cause wars to start. They want a
people who are productive and peaceful, and that is what, at the beginning of
this novel, they have worked to create.

Q:  Your main character is unique because she possesses emotions. How
hard was it to write a book about a race of people void of emotion?

It is hard to fathom a whole civilization of
"robots" who don't question anything, don't believe anything, don't
even hope for anything. Even with my protagonist, Thalli, who does feel things, she lives in a world where that is abnormal. She has to constantly guard
herself so what is inside - the pain, love, fear, curiosity - isn't visible to
those around her.

Q:  Where did you find inspiration for this book?

I love the classic dystopian books, Brave New World
and 1984, and I've always read those thinking, "What if
this kind of novel were told from a distinctly Christian worldview?"
My ideas for this story stemmed from the answer to that question.

Q:  Why do you like writing for teens?

I have worked with teens for over a decade, as a youth
leader and as a high school English teacher. My desire is to see the young
people I work with understand how much God loves them and to love Him wholeheartedly
in return. My writing is an extension of that ministry and that desire.

Q: What do you think readers will enjoy about this book?

My daughter (14) is a huge fan of the Hunger Games and
Matched trilogies. She is currently reading Anomaly. I asked her what she
thought about it so far, and she said what she likes is that it isn't primarily
about love triangles or battles, but about truth. I hope there are other
readers like Emma who are looking for a faith-filled dystopian story.

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About The Author

Krista McGee writes for teens, teaches teens, and, more often than not, acts like a teen. Along with her husband and three kids, Krista has lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain.