Film slated for limited release this fall — but the popular Christian recording artist has her street team working hard to get the film booked into more theaters.

Rebel Pilgrim Productions will release the faith-friendly romantic comedy A Strange Brand of Happy in theaters on September 13, 2013. The film, directed by Brad Wise, stars Joe Boyd (Hitting The Nuts), Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James (Suing the Devil, Left Behind) and Academy Award winner Shirley Jones (Elmer Gantry, The Partridge Family). The movie will initially open in 42 markets through Integrated Media Associates.

“We are extremely pleased to be working with Rebel Pilgrim on the theatrical distribution of A Strange Brand of Happy,” said a spokesperson for IMA. “We feel it to be a fresh, engaging film with a faith foundation that’s different and will have broad appeal. It is very Office Space meets Napoleon Dynamite.”

“We wanted to make a fun, funny movie that addressed some issues of faith, but isn’t heavy-handed or preachy,” says Boyd, who also serves as the film’s producer. “I believe that’s exactly what we’ve pulled off.”

The company has partnered with to release the movie in as many markets as possible. “We have a limited release of 42 screens booked for opening weekend,” Boyd says, “but through we are able to open any other market by offering ticket pre-sales through a crowd funding model similar to Kickstarter.”

According to the movie’s website, the film will
open in any market where 500 tickets are pre-sold. The producers are counting
on a word-of-mouth grassroots effort to open up more theaters.

As a popular Christian recording artist, Rebecca St. James has built up a street team over the years — and according to Christian Post, she has now called on the members of that team to use email and press campaigns to help get the film booked into more theaters.

About the movie:

An aimless bachelor loses his job and finds himself chasing the same girl as his
manipulative ex-boss.

After losing his job David is pushed by his roommate to hire a life coach named Joyce. A decision aided in part by how pretty David finds this life coach, but also a desire to get unstuck in life. When Joyce invites him to join the volunteer group she takes to a retirement home David discovers his manipulative ex-boss, William, is part of the group and interested in Joyce as well.

The motley crew of retirees instantly recognize the potential for drama with this love triangle. A wily old man goads the boys to battle for Joyce. As a result, David begrudgingly agrees to go to an open mic night Joyce holds for people to ponder the existence of God. It’s there that a poet says a few things that cause David’s head to tilt and move him a little further down the path of finding himself. The problem is the ungentlemanly competition he’s still in with William. When that turns extreme, David makes a decision that nearly ruins his dual-level progress with Joyce. He’s then forced to turn to the only community he has left, the ragtag band of retirees who point him in the direction of true north.

A uniquely faith-friendly romantic comedy starring Grammy Award winner Rebecca St. James and Academy Award winner Shirley Jones.

Watch the movie trailer:


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